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This is a suggestion that refers to middle price range restaurants mostly located Mitte and Charlottenburg.


Check out Kantstraße and the area around Savigny Platz to find a diverse selection of restaurant options, to name a view: 

The Digital Multilogue on Fashion Education is a participatory and outcome-oriented space and a series of conferences focused on the learning and teaching of fashion at the tertiary level. It aims to explore and illustrate the diversity and complexity of the field and the practices of fashion education, and to foster a greater understanding of its pasts, presents and futures – methods, values and didactic, pedagogic and epistemological questions - creating a global exchange to inspire mutual learning, collaborative research and shared action.

The Multilogues are organized by Franziska Schreiber & Dr. Renate Stauss, who are brought together and driven by their love for making and wearing fashion, for learning and thinking through fashion, and their belief in its connective, educational and transformative potential.

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Dr. Renate Stauss is Assistant Professor of Fashion Studies at The American University of Paris in the Department of Communication, Media and Culture. She is also a lecturer at the Berlin University of the Arts. 
Franziska Schreiber is a fashion designer and currently holds a professorship for „fashion I body I digitality“ at the Berlin University of the Arts.


Fashion is a great teacher because it provides a fantastic lens to learn about the world and its people, about history, politics and culture. Join Renate Stauss and Franziska Schreiber, to discover the most inspiring voices in fashion education, their take on the how and why of learning and teaching fashion, their doubts and hopes, their lessons from fashion.

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Episode 10

SANDRA NIESSEN  on anthropology, anger and activism

In this episode you meet Sandra Niessen – anthropologist and activist, who's repeatedly called out both the global western fashion industry for its imperialism and fashion studies for its biases and othering – using her decades of field work among the Batak in Indonesia, to ground her increasingly direct critique. Sandra Niessen recently published a manifesto for Degrowth, which urges a process of De-Fashion. For The Digital Multilogue on Fashion Education 2023, we've taken up this term for an exploration of De-Fashioning education, a critical thinking and making conference that wants to champion different fashion educational cultures and explore how to unmake global western fashion education, which has co-opted a fashion system in which so much is wrong, so many are left out, and so few profit – to adapt Halberstan.Fashion is a great teacher talks to her about becoming an activist instructor, and getting angrier with age, the power of connecting the potential and limits of anthropology, addressing the Colonialism in one’s own work and freeing ourselves from the shackles of limitations to our imagination.


Come together! - towards a collaborative community of fashion educators. Join this global community mapping, inaugurated at The Digital Multilogue on Fashion Education 2020

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